Complicated Grief

Complicated Grief

February 17, 2021

This morning my thoughts are with those in grief that experience complicated grief and can’t let go of the pain of loss. I understand not everyone finds their way back from grief.

I have compassion and love for those who remain locked within their loss. The thought of moving forward in someway feels like they will lose touch with their loved one.

It is not easy to support someone who can’t move forward from their pain. You see their world become smaller and smaller because they start to distance themselves from the world around them. It is too painful.

They lose the ability to see their beauty and what they can offer themselves and those they love. Unfortunately, those who remain in complicated grief become isolated as family and friends find it too hard to be around someone who can’t see the people who are in front of them.

You can’t make someone make it through grief. Their personal life story is theirs and they carry their burdens as we all do. Grief is an inside job, it takes love and compassion for ones self to face the pain and to make sense and to let it go!

We all would love to see everyone rebuild their lives after a loss. Life is not that simple. I will never walk away from someone in grief. I know what loss is. I can’t imagine living everyday with the crushing grief that has not been released. I do know that boundaries need to be set and not to be drawn into their pain.

My greatest gift to someone in complicated grief is simply to give them the space to talk. Simply to meet them where they are. I am not here to fix them.

Today I am reminded of the gift I have been given within the ability to move through my grief to live a life of love and possibilities.

I hold all those that are stuck within their grief within my thoughts today.