The Rhonda Grant Show - Interview

The Rhonda Grant Show


March 27, 2021

On March 27, 2021 I was asked to be a guest on the Rhonda Grant Show - Extraordinary Discoveries in an Ordinary Life. This was my first interview as a guest speaker on a podcast to talk about my recently published book. I have co-authored with Tana Heminsley this Visioning and Journaling Guide, called Creative Healing Through Transformation - Conversations with My Soul.

I was excited to share with The Rhonda Grant Show my reason and personal experiences for writing " A Visioning & Journaling Guide for Caregivers". The gift to caregivers to create a self-care routine that will support them in their caregiver role. Also support them as they move through the loss of a loved one and rebuilding their life. A tool to be used to understand the importance of self-care and self-discovery.

Please enjoy this conversation. Be awakened to your own extraordinary discoveries within your own life that can be revealed when you take a leap of faith to your own awakening and personal journey.