The Mountain

The Mountain

March 26, 2021

Today I reflect on the mountain in my life. I lived happily at the bottom of the mountain for most of my life. I had created a life with marriage and family in the forefront everything else came behind my true joy.

In an instant the mountain was placed in my path. My husband’s diagnosis of ALS now blocking the path. Can I go around it? Can I go over it? I was started on the path up the mountain. A journey I wasn’t prepared for. The weight of my responsibilities. The endless hours of walking the path day and night. The difficulty breathing as the air became thinner.

I had a choice. I could turn around and go back down the mountain and remain there in the valley that would hold my family in the life we had and live in the past. As I continued up the mountain I was awakened to the courage and strength that lay dormant inside me. Now I had the opportunity to test myself.

I stumbled and fell backwards, feeling defeated but knew I could not go backwards. I had to trudge onward and upward.

A journey I must make on my own, the chill of the rain and emptiness I felt. I put one foot in front of the other.

The higher up the mountain the awakening to the beauty of the life that was in front of me. The blue sky and the fluffy white clouds. I had adapted to the thin air and my body was becoming stronger, my mind was becoming clearer as I spent all this time with myself.

I was able to see the top of the mountain. I was no longer afraid of what was ahead of me because I had made it over every challenge on the journey forward.

I stood victorious on the top of the mountain. I shouted at the top of my lungs Thank You!

I did not do this alone! I found my voice, confidence, passion and purpose on the journey.

As I make my way back down the mountain. I bring with me the strength and knowing that I am alive and by living everyday with a sense of gratitude and wonder I will never waste a day.

The trip down the other side is done with joy, ease and possibilities.

When I am met with a new challenge I think of the mountain I already climbed and take strength from that journey.