March 2, 2021

While in my morning reflection I think of how I carry those I have lost within the world around me. I had this stain glass window created for Cliff, my parents and a dear friend. It is my memory window. With the dawn of a new day the sunlight shines through to remind me of their loving light.

The butterfly is for Cliff he gave me a butterfly necklace on our wedding day. When I see a butterfly I think of him and that he is with me in that moment.

The lady bug is for my father. He loved ladybugs. On the day he died I went back to their apartment and there was a ladybug in the kitchen window. This past summer a lady bug was on my steering wheel and would not leave. He was saying hello.

The dragon fly is for my mother. When she died and I was at the lake journaling through my loss, a dragon fly landed on my pen and paper. A dragonfly visited for the four days I was there.

The leaf is for a dear friend Skip who loved the outdoors. He was a volunteer at St. Mary’s hospital when Cliff was there. He was a friend to Cliff and after Cliff passed he made sure we were ok. I think of him often when I am walking through the forest.

I find comfort in the ability to associate the people I have lost with the beauty that surrounds me everyday.

There gives me comfort in my moments of reflection as I have these signs from heaven.

Is there a sign from your loved one that gives you comfort?

They are always with us we just have to be open and aware of our surroundings.