Healing Power of Water

Healing Power of Water

March 16, 2021

This morning as I sit and reflect I have this feeling of joy in my heart simply thinking of the beauty of water and the importance that it has played in my life.

As a young girl swimming in the lake and local pool was what summers meant to me.

Camping with my family and then carried on into my own married life and our children’s early years.

Today realizing the healing power of water in whatever form.

When Cliff was diagnosed with ALS the pond on our property became the place to sit with Shawn when he needed to talk as a young teenager.

Spending a week in the summer as a family before his diagnosis and after until it wasn’t safe for him to go anymore.

Sitting at the waters edge when I realized I was lost within myself.

Hours and hours spent over the years sitting by the water at cottages, lakeside parks. With my journal and my thoughts trying to untangle all the emotions and feelings of a lifetime.

My first trip as a widow alone to Australia to visit friends. I fell in love with the ocean. It was life changing. To run a 15km race from Sydney to Bondi Beach and run across the finish line. Taking off my shoes to walk in the surf. To sit on the shore in Melbourne for the penguin parade at dusk. The smell of the salt water, the cold breeze as the tide came in carrying these amazing little creatures.

My trip to BC, to the island, the emotion I felt flying over the ocean and the tears I had. It was like a spiritual experience of it’s beauty and strength.

Through the last year, daily walks along the water at my local conservation area have been my greatest gift. Now back in my local pool for my black line therapy, lost in the movement of swimming laps.

I hope today you find joy and healing in the activity that gives you your strength and resilience.