Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

Feb 19, 2021

As I journal today I wonder what I can share today about grief and loss. I think of my life over the past 61 years. Grief and loss are woven into the fabric of life. There have been so many losses and grieved moments that have been my greatest teachers.

No one makes it through life without scars from the battle. We all deal with our pain and losses in different ways.

As a child I disappeared within myself to hide a dark secret. I lost and grieved the little girl lost, not until my mid forties did I have the awareness to see what needed to be healed.

A lost pregnancy at 18 weeks gestation on Mother’s Day. Being given the gift of another pregnancy and my daughter. Writing a letter to the son that wasn’t meant to be, to acknowledge all the hopes and dreams I had for him. I was set free to love the child I carried again.

A body that keeps presenting me with melanomas and the acceptance that I am doing everything right. I am blessed with a clinic that checks my body every six months. With each surgery I grieve the finding of another spot but then move to gratitude for it being found early.

Loosing my husband to ALS was devastating, a loss that cut really deep within my being. I worked through the pain to come to a place where I carry his memory and the gratitude that I shared my life with him for all of his life. What a gift I was given.

My message today is that grief, loss and pain are part of life’s journey. When I am faced with these moments in life I choose to see a lesson or a new perspective to take the awareness and beauty of the life I have. I enjoy the moment.

We are resilient, strong amazing creatures that have been given the gift of choice to live our lives as we choose to.