The Birth of a Book

The Birth of a Book

March 19, 2021

This morning I reflect on the past six months. How out of the chaos of COVID a new book was born. A stronger me was awakened.

The dream of writing my story carried within me for many years. Not knowing its arrival and how it would look.

I sit with my book in my hand and feel so many emotions. It has been a month since it’s birth. A month getting to know the changes it has made within my life.

The tears that run down my cheek, not from a place of sadness but from a place of wonder. The workbook that holds my story, my journey, my pain, my courage and growth.

Like a new born, I wonder will it touch and support the lives of others that were lost like me. Will my writing touch the souls that need a nudge to take their first step. I think of the sleepless nights, the deep emotional pain, rivers of tears and mountains of paper it has required to be here today.

The joy I feel looking at the cover and the butterfly that represents the man that was the inspiration. Without our story together this book would not be a reality.

The feeling of being whole again, knowing I have left a legacy to the world of our story told through the pages of a workbook to inspire others to fulfill their own healing path.

I feel this sense of completion and calm as I hold this part of me in my hands.

A new life journey is unfolding and I am now the butterfly in flight with destination unknown.