Power of Words

Power of Words

April 15, 2021

Well here I am again this morning with a morning reflection. Seems the writer in me and my morning reflections are to be expressed today.

I reflect on the power of words in my life and how they have become my super power!

I had no understanding of words until there were no words only emptiness.

As I journaled and words and thoughts came together a new awareness. Words are so powerful. They can build me up or tear me down. They can subconsciously terrorize me or give me strength.

Spending time with words opened up so much emotion and feelings that were locked away. They have also given me courage and strength.

Challenging the words I had taken as truths and proving them wrong.

Growing with my words, understanding their impact on how I experience my life.

With growth, understanding and awareness the choice is mine on how I use my words. Knowing they have little meaning alone but have impact in what words I choose to link together. They can be loving and kind or they can be hurtful and dark. They hold even more power when said out loud in communicating with others.

I love words! I get excited to sit and simply let the words become thoughts. They are the path and gateway to my life. Easier expressed within my writing.

The beauty of self-discovery realizing that words become my voice. I can choose the voice that will be heard. Will my voice inspire growth and change or will my voice remain in trauma, grief and loss.

I am strengthening my superpower one word at a time.