Personal Growth

Personal Growth

April 11, 2021

As I reflect on my life and journey the quote below speaks to me today.

A beautiful day yesterday, the warmth of the sun and the hope of Spring the beginning of buds on the trees and bushes. The arrival of spring newborn animals. I saw a momma bear and her two Cubs walking across the road while visiting my son before lockdown.

I sit and reflect on my 60+years. The life and lessons given to me.

In my childhood I was this little sprout wanting to grow with the rain and sun. Eager to see what life was about. My light diminished with childhood abuse, gradually wilting and feeling invisible. In my early 20’s love came into my life. I started to grow and flourish. A childhood wish of being a wife and mother was being realized. Over the next 24 years I grew, blossomed, rested through the winter months to blossom again. Growing taller every year with the love shared by another. In my 40’s there was no life left in me, I was tired, defeated and lost. My pot was withered and no sign of life. The earth below me felt empty of nutrients. Was there a seed below the surface that could find enough moisture and food to grow again.

As I worked through the pain and loss a miracle began to happen. I started to grow within myself. A little sprout breaking through the surface. The more love and support I gave to myself I became stronger and taller. Reaching up to the sun and the blooms forming, so many blooms and branches. I have grown so much that I have had to split my plant into more pots.

My growth has given me the strength to give parts of myself to others in hopes that they will start their journey and share their blooms in time.