February 22, 2021

Over the past weekend as I spent time in nature, walking with friends and spending time cleaning my home. I often get lost in my thoughts when I have experienced times of connection. The word curiosity has been floating around in my head for a few days.

On my healing journey life started to change when curiosity made its way back into my life.

I was unaware at how many years it had been gone, it was replaced with fear. As a child we have this curiosity about the world around us that is how we learn about life. I understand now that the abuse I experienced as a child smothered my curiosity.

In my mid forties I was awakened to myself and the fear and thoughts that replaced my childlike curiosity.

Every amazing experience, opportunity and growth within myself has come from my renewed connection to curiosity and saying yes to life. Like a child I may fall but the lesson and the joy that follows is worth the scrapes along the way.

I never want to lose my sense of curiosity whether it is a new activity to challenge my body, a new experience that teaches me a new skill. When I remain curious about my life I don’t fear change. I can experience change with an open heart.

I hope you are curious today!