February 25, 2021

This morning my thoughts and writing are about the world around me. We have been in a global pandemic for almost a year. Our reality is social distancing, masks, isolation, distanced from the ones we love and grieving the loss of those we have lost.

We are a world in grief and loss. There is no one spared from this grief and loss. It is not just grief of a loved ones death. It is grief of our freedom to move wherever we want. The freedom to hug our loved ones. The way we do our jobs or the loss of our jobs. The world has changed forever.

We have a choice to see the world around us with new eyes or stay locked in the gaze of the past. Which will it be?

My hope is that there will be more creative thinking, more compassion and love put into decision making. The importance of connection in all areas of life.

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful world to live in that has been open to humanity, treating our planet with respect as well as us all being treated as equal.

It has been a challenging year for so many. Within challenge is growth and opportunity for change.

I am sitting in the quiet of my morning wondering what change can I make within my own life to start a new path that speaks to my soul.

I will continue to listen and act on my inspired thought for change.

We can choose to remain in the darkness of the past or jump into the future with creativity and wonder.