Feeling Uncertain

Feeling Uncertain

April 14,2021

Today I reflect on my feeling of uncertainty and in what direction am I heading. This past year has been a year of great self discovery and growth. Living alone, stay at home orders, not seeing my children at times. Life seemed to be only happening on social media, zoom meetings. I certainly was grateful for the conversations with others and connect when we physically could not be in the same place.

My experience is unique to me and my simplified retired life.

The most beautiful gift that came out of this past year is self-publishing Creative Healing Through Transformation. A proud moment to be able to give this tool to others to help support their own self-discovery. Thinking how far I have come in the past 16 years from the lost soul I was. This book dedicated to my late husband and children. My legacy to them. The joy of sharing my writing.

My desire to make a difference in the world around me that has kept me motivated and moving forward.

The last six months being able to share my thoughts and writings almost daily has brought so much joy to me. I love to express myself through my writing. Sharing the way I have experienced and interpret my journey and growth to inspire hope in others.

Call it COVID fatigue, Spring Fever, I find myself in a place I have been many times in my life. That place of, What is next? Where do I go from here? What is my new adventure in life? How can I continue to make a difference in my life and the life of others?

This place that I have learned to welcome with open arms because there is a world of possibilities.

What is needed is a time of stillness and thought. Spending time in my yard and garden. I feel like I have said all I can say over these six months to support you. I truly feel everyone’s grief, loss, frustration and anger with the pandemic and the world that is trying to find its way.

I wish I could hug everyone and reassure everyone we will get through this crazy time.

I may be posting less morning reflections for awhile, as I work through my own uncertainty and direction. I may post a new direction in my writing. I welcome the uncertainty because that is when I feel alive and that there are possibilities for me.