March 12, 2021

This morning I reflect on how important motivation is in my life and how it impacts my self-care.

There have been many times in my life when I didn’t have the motivation to move forward. Those times when I felt it just took too much effort to even think let alone attach an action to it.

How it became easy to exist within my home and go out into the world to do what I had to do to provide for my family.

How isolated and alone I felt, not because those who loved me walked away. It was because I was distancing myself.

I never stayed in this place long because of my journaling and connection with myself I was able to work through the event or challenge.

Over time I have come to realize for me there are many emotions attached to motivation. When I made a choice to start taking care of my body and health and signed up for a learn to run session over 18 years ago. I had the initial excitement, I did it! I signed up for something.

The night of the first session fear was present, what had I done. I realized after the one minute walk/one minute run how out of shape I was. I thought I can’t do this but I had made a commitment for the next ten weeks.

As the weeks went on I needed to be committed to do my three weekly runs. I was the one determining if I would succeed or fail.

I had to work through all the negative thoughts that come with trying something new. Running in the early morning and at night in the dark so no one would see me. I was so self conscious.

Something remarkable happened after ten weeks. I ran a 5km race with my group. I had made new friendships. I belonged to a new community. A supportive community where it didn’t matter at what level I was. We were all there to live a healthier life style.

I had become more confident, willing to take chances, I was no longer self conscious. This was positively impacting all areas of my life.

All these years later I understand the importance of motivation, getting outside my comfort zone, facing fear, learning more about myself along the way. If I stay unmotivated I remain stuck and existing within my life. If I continue to be motivated I am living life.

I hope my words today will help you if you need a nudge to become more motivated today.